True Change and Understanding

That LASTS and returns you to yourself

The quantum energy field is the “stuff” of us and our world.

We are its energetic relationships, its light, its waveform.

I introduce you to your energy and offer a no-nonsense understanding of its nature.

I help you integrate this understanding with tools that address potential stumbling blocks

In many ways, this is the most “real” work we can do. It’s direct, immediate, and satisfying.

I love helping you make real, lasting change and witnessing the delight, curiosity, surprise, and relief you inevitably experience in this work.

I love seeing you reclaim your power and sovereignty.


And seeing you connect with the wonder and beauty of you and the deepest desires of your soul

And facilitating the shifts and transformations that excite and inspire you.

And witnessing you recognize your obstructive beliefs and then giving yourself permission to let them go

And reminding you that your life — your energy — matters;  it’s your sanctity; it’s your offering to the world; it’s your opportunity

But I love most seeing and sensing you energetically shift towards lightness, life-force, gratitude, clarity.


From the riches of a life of the mind to the to the riches of a fully inhabited life.

From an energetic, spirited “worker” to an energetic, spirited “liv-er”

From a material understanding of the universe as “thingness” to quantum understanding of the universe as consciousness.

From a “monk,” experimenting in isolation with creation – writing, music, painting, and sculpture — to fully inhabiting my life as the pen, the instrument, the paint, and the clay — experimenting with creation in “real life”

…and the exploration continues!

No matter where you are in your own exploration and outlook, I’m with you as a humble ally in consciousness and as a certified energy practitioner — compassionate, honored, and delighted to help facilitate the changes you wish to make.


“Claire is a true gift … fabulous!…  A true gem. There’s an increased sense of calm, connection, and release that has come from my sessions with Claire. Clearing away old “stuff” that no longer serves me has allowed (and continues to allow) me to step into the best version of myself”

— Debby Kevin, Highlander Press Books

“Throughout the series of sessions with Claire I experienced a growing awareness of myself and patience that I hadn’t extended to myself before. I feel like there was a definitive change from start to finish in how I react to myself when experiencing moments of stress and self doubt that was a result of the energy work.”

— Katy Ashinhurst, Finance Analyst