My Core Values

The 5 Pillars of My Work

1. Truth of the whole

A commitment to whole, universal truth and organic integration

Multidimensional awareness

Clarity far exceeding mental constructs

Organic intuition

Universal / Divine truth

Unified field of infinite potential experienced as the energy of unconditional love

2. Self-responsibility

A commitment to conscious energy – fully-lit awareness of triggers, shadows, effects of actions, choices




Application of emotional intelligence

Consciousness embodiment in every moment

3. Soul living

A commitment to feeding the soul, facilitated by a clear mind and grounded courage

Aligning with soul’s questions, interests, loves, laughter

Staying grounded through the turbulence of the mind and lower energies

Moving from a place of healed inner children who no longer interfere

Relaxing in the midst of the mind’s confusion, lack of understanding, appearance of illogic

4. Courage to explore

A commitment to expansion – leaning into the underbelly, the unknown, the uncomfortable

Taking next steps without knowing the outcomes or the “happiness” of those outcomes

Staying grounded in simple truth in the midst of powerful, mental narratives

Choosing insecurity over certainty when love is a question

Honoring questions, wanderings, experimentation, and the desire to grow

5. Honoring the human experience

A commitment to honoring the human experience through humility, humor, and honesty

Grounding in the fact that unlimited consciousness can explore itself only through the limited human form

Esteeming and enjoying the wisdom that percolates through the human in the form of humility, humor, honor, love

Soberly recognizing the dynamics of a human being – its physical and energetic limitations, and applying that awareness where necessary

Loving and transmuting the natural human emotions / shadow selves that occur through experience

Do these values resonate with you? If yes, explore working with me


“Claire is a true gift … fabulous!…  A true gem. There’s an increased sense of calm, connection, and release that has come from my sessions with Claire. Clearing away old “stuff” that no longer serves me has allowed (and continues to allow) me to step into the best version of myself”

— Debby Kevin, Highlander Press Books

“Throughout the series of sessions with Claire I experienced a growing awareness of myself and patience that I hadn’t extended to myself before. I feel like there was a definitive change from start to finish in how I react to myself when experiencing moments of stress and self doubt that was a result of the energy work.”

— Katy Ashinhurst, Finance Analyst