The intention to master one's energetic field leads to personal sovereignty

The intention to master one’s energetic field leads to personal sovereignty

Guess what?…

You are completely bound and completely free.

How so?…

You are aware awareness, manifesting as energy – part and parcel of the unified field of energy that we call “the universe” (an apparently finite, though actually infinite phenomenon).

Okay, so, how do you negotiate this? How can you be free within — within yourself and within the larger whole?

The answer can be structured like so…

  • Clear energy = 360-degree seeing.
  • All-powerful/Transmuting energy = 360-degree loving.
  • Seeing energy + Loving energy = 360-degree sovereignty.

The transmutation of love happens, not in your mind, but energetically, in your field. This transmutation goes hand-in-hand with conscious clarity.

Do you have questions about how to become (return to) clear, loving energy? Would you like to taste true sovereignty? Would you like to learn how to create it for yourself? Would you like to transform yourself into a fully sovereign being?

Contact me and let’s see how I might be able to help.

Photo by Cory Woodward

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