Energy Healing Sessions

Let’s emancipate you from the noise and empower your grounded, harmonious self

Transform your life by embodying conscious energy.

Are you ready to be in the driver’s seat and blaze your own path in life?

What if you could?

Silence the mental chatter that keeps you confused and stuck.

Break through the inner resistance and walls that’ve been keeping you stuck.

Stand in our own sovereignty and know on a visceral level what’s right for your life.

Learn to hear clearly that inner voice and trust your own inner intuition.

You can. My work helps you shift from mental B.S. to your own embodied truth.

What happens during a session with me

Sessions include a brief intake regarding disembodiment patterns. 

The majority of the session (40-45 minutes) comprises “tablework,” which is my hands-on energy work to facilitate your energy body’s release of embodiment blocks, rebalance your field, infuse pure energies, and repair your auric layers and boundaries.  

This tablework is followed by a brief closing, which sometimes includes teaching you skills to deepen the work.

All of this assists your ultimate desire to be embodied — to ground your conscious energy and fully inhabit your life. 

Session Details

Energy Healing intake session — 90 minutes ($135)

We drill down to the core change you seek and the specific outcome you intend.

Energy Healing follow-up session — 60 minutes ($90)

After a brief update from you, I initiate the energy work (“tablework”), during which time, you lie relaxed, on your back, with eyes closed, while I organize, clear, and infuse your energy field. We conclude with a primer on energetic skills that are important for you to pursue outside sessions in order to continue your evolution.

Embodiment coaching initial session — 90 minutes ($135)

Embodiment coaching is for you if you wish to live consciously and align with universal ethics. This begins with healing yourself – turning towards wounds and shadow-selves, and transmuting those latent energies with and into the energy of unconditional love.

This is an integrated coaching session that includes basic education and how-to regarding integrating awareness, conscious energetics (education and skills training when applicable), deep healing, emotional intelligence, wholeness / organic perspective, intention, prayer / asking / reception, and visualization. 

Embodiment coaching follow-up session — 60 minutes ($90)

If you’re interested in applying, tracking, and measuring outcomes of your embodiment work, I recommend follow-up sessions. You’ll find packages, below, as well.

Sessions are held online

Intake session — 90 minutes ($135)

Follow-up session — 60 minutes ($90)


Intake + 5 energy healing sessions — $535 (regularly, $585; save $50!)

Intake + 10 energy healing sessions — $1,070 (regularly $1,170; save $100!)

Intake + 5 embodiment coaching sessions — $535 (regularly, $585; save $50!)


“Claire is a true gift … fabulous!…  A true gem. There’s an increased sense of calm, connection, and release that has come from my sessions with Claire. Clearing away old “stuff” that no longer serves me has allowed (and continues to allow) me to step into the best version of myself”

— Debby Kevin, Highlander Press Books

“Throughout the series of sessions with Claire I experienced a growing awareness of myself and patience that I hadn’t extended to myself before. I feel like there was a definitive change from start to finish in how I react to myself when experiencing moments of stress and self doubt that was a result of the energy work.”

— Katy Ashinhurst, Finance Analyst