You Can’t Be Awake and Authentic without Being Embodied

Does your mind pretend to be awake and authentic, while your body is offline? 

First: What does “being embodied” mean?  

Being embodied means grounding the local conscious awareness for which you’re responsible into the human body. And, this means embracing the humanity of your experience, with its limitations and falseness as well as its vitality and wonder.

Second:  What does “being authentic” mean?

Being authentic means being a clear channel or vessel for unconditioned consciousness, which vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love. Being authentic has nothing to do with your character / avatar, though your character, as a unique access point, will channel consciousness uniquely if your vessel remains clear….

Third:  Why does being awake and authentic matter?

When we understand that we’re all part and parcel of a single, infinite, eternal conscious awareness, we simultaneously realize where our true responsibility lies: in attending to each of our local, finite, aware energy fields – our microcosms – of the larger shared macrocosm. We see clearly that each of our energetic imprints affects the whole in incalculable ways.

Fourth:  What characteristics “should” our energetic imprint have?

We each have the same purpose:  to serve as a channel for unconditioned consciousness, which is to radiate the energetic frequency of unconditional love. 

Fifth:  How do we radiate unconditional love?

In order to radiate unconditional love, you must become it. This requires directly addressing the energy you are – the energy that comprises your field. 

…And this is why knowing how to engage with the energy in your field is paramount.

I hope this illustrates clearly that our mind might be receiving frequencies in the form of thoughts that resemble this understanding, but these thoughts come and go, and they comprise only a tiny percentage of our field. So, it’s not until we take responsibility for our energy field, as a whole – beyond the mind, that we truly begin to awaken.

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