Conscious Energetic Alignment

I facilitate mind-body-spirit alignment when you feel fragmented or lost, empowering you to manifest an authentic, fulfilling, joyful life.

In the beginning

You were free, full of love, wonder, joy, and curiosity.

Before conditioning by family and society, you had a deep, aligned connection with your heart and soul — your truth. 

Then came life, with its generous portion of B.S. and noisy energies, and you’ve found yourself bowled over and pulled sideways by endless emotions and thoughts — your own and others.

Perhaps you’ve tried healing treatments, spiritual paths, and hopeful methods, but you still find yourself defaulting to the same old patterns.

I get it! I’ve been there myself but after years of stumbling in the dark, I finally found freedom and sovereignty and would love to support you in your own journey.

what if you could?

Live your life with clarity and sovereignty

Regain deep connection with your heart and soul

Understand and trust your inner navigation system

You can, with my no-B.S., results-oriented process aimed at permanently shifting patterns and beliefs at their energetic root.

3 steps

to inner clarity and sovereignty

1. See

I help you notice energetic patterns keeping you stuck and craft your transformational intention.

2. Release

I help you release mental noise unaligned with your intention and reveal the voice of your soul.

3. Choose

I teach you how to engage with your energy system so you can create life on your own terms.

Why Trust me?

I know what it feels like to sincerely attempt to change and be frustrated by tricks and tips and other half-measures that are only mental and temporary.

My deep desire to transform and experiment with dozens of modalities finally led me to energy work, and I was then able to make true, embodied, lasting shifts.

As an Energy Healing Practitioner, I bring all that I’ve experienced and learned, as well as spirited enthusiasm, to my work with my clients.

I love reminding you that your life — your energy — matters;  it’s your sanctity; it’s your offering to the world; it’s your opportunity.


“Claire is a true gift … fabulous!…  A true gem. There’s an increased sense of calm, connection, and release that has come from my sessions with Claire. Clearing away old “stuff” that no longer serves me has allowed (and continues to allow) me to step into the best version of myself”

— Debby Kevin, Highlander Press Books

“Throughout the series of sessions with Claire I experienced a growing awareness of myself and patience that I hadn’t extended to myself before. I feel like there was a definitive change from start to finish in how I react to myself when experiencing moments of stress and self doubt that was a result of the energy work.”

— Katy Ashinhurst, Finance Analyst